Childhood longing

When did life become so serious? I miss the childhood days when you did something stupid and got yelled at and that was it. I wish my parents would yell at me nowadays and that would be it. Today my judge is Me myself. I'm telling you, she punishes me a lot harder than my parents did!


the void

Im shivering.. When did the autumn come? It was so windy out there that I could almost hear the summer blow away and the winter approaching. Saying "winter" this time of the year is like saying "Voldemort". A big thank you to the inventors of the Finnish sauna. That's where I'm heading!


You are what you want to be

I have craved for free-time and chilling out with my friends and Tomson. This weekend gave me the opportunity to do it all. I sewed a shirt to myself yesterday. Today I went out with Sonja and we climbed on old trains and ran on the railways. Releasing the stress feels good!


I have an excuse

CLICK THE PICTURE to see the gif.
If I'd update every day, my blog would become filled with pics like this. My daily activities are pretty much just studying&working right now. No worries, weekends are my time to shine! Now back to the sofa.


Ask yourself.

You ask a question. Do you expect that the answer is gonna be the same forever? You shouldn't. Opinions live in the moment, you should too.