thumbs up!

We gave a ride to a hichhiker on our way to our summer cottage. Communicating was difficult, because the guy only spoke Russian and the only word we knew in Russian was "da da".


Out of the city!

It feels like the end of the summer. Tomorrow I have my first driving leasson with my dad. I'm a little bit nervous.. We're going to drive for two hours to our summer cottage. Quite a first lesson? Straight to the highway.


so listen!

Every day you learn something new. Today at work I learned that you should brush your teeth before you eat your breakfast IF you eat something sour. Otherwise you may brush them after if you like. See, if you brush your teeth after eating something sour, you damage the surface of your teeth and they become darker/yellow. That's all for today!


Justice in disguise

 sonja eating peanuts before it all ended.
Another beautiful day! We went to the movies tonight with Sonja. We watched the newest Harry Potter. All I can say is that it was a classic Potter. Happy-sad-happy-sad, easy to watch, nothing special. Sleep tight!


Good times

Thank you Dennis and Juan Pa for the amazing host skirt&shirt
What a weekend! We visited my boyfriends summercottage with a bunch of friends. Boy, that was fun! I would have wanted to stay there much longer, but I have to go to work tomorrow.


revolutionary insomnia

 Last night I was pissed of at myself and my lack of inspiration. The cure to lack of inspiration is some kind of a revolution. So here we go. I desided to start over with this new blog. I hope you'll enjoy it!