True Felicity

I fell asleep at 4 AM, woke up at 6.30 AM and realised that I forgot my laundry in the machine yesterday. So I took it out and I noticed that I was running out of time. I was late for my exam. I started biking rapidly to school and I realised that I forgot my food at home. I turned back to get it. "Okay I can still make it!" I thought. I started biking the 3 km long uphill to school when my tire literally exploded. I started to sweat so I tried to open my jacket and my zipper broke.. Well no can do. I biked as fast as I could and I was sweating like hell. I came late to the exam. I took my seat and turned the paper. I knew the answer to about 5% of all the questions. I handed in the exam blank and left the building. Still I feel like the happiest woman alive! Good time to start my one-week-long vacation! Cheers!



Room 5 - Make Luv (our song since -07)
I'm spoiled. Sonja is visiting and she's washing my laundry, going to the store, making me food, baking me goodies and washing the dishes. I'm grateful to have her here sleeping next to me and keeping me company. Missed her so much! kyss



Came home from the after party at 7 AM. Went to school at 8 AM. I have felt better, but it was totally worth it! Great night!



Getting ready for the evening. We're going to celebrate Nora's birthday today. That girl is really something!



My lovely Milla came to visit! What a great weekend! Felt so good to be with a close friend from home! Not only was she good company, but also gave me a bunch of new amazing songs. Enjoy the beat!