What a trip! I miss the kids, the warm weather and the ocean, but I couldn't be happier to be home! Tomorrow is a big day, not only because it's new year's eve, but because I must say goodbye to my best friend Sonja. She is going to India for 5 months.


Cape Verde

I'm off to Africa in a few hours. I wish you all a Merry Christmas!


At the drop of a hat.

Home from school. My cousin will pick me up in a few minutes and we will head to Sonja's place and cook some Indian food. My Monday sounds pretty much like my day! I wish you a happy start to your week!



it's your decision how to look at it.
I feel like the lamest person on Earth right now, but still the happiest! I never tought I would be a person who loves spending this much time home. Life is full of surprises.


Vivre sa vie

Today we visited Café Carusel to see a French movie from the 60's. Take me to Paris, please!



This darkness keeps me tired all day every day. Today I went home early from school. I rented a movie (mr. Nobody) and covered myself with two big blankets. I fell asleep right after the closing credits. I slept for four hours. Now I'm awake, but still dreaming.



Perhaps I've been a dead moth the past few weeks, but today was amazing and inspirational! Im working on this photography project in school. That's the reason why I haven't published that much pictures lately. You'll see them when I'm ready! Today felt like a Friday, a really good one. Kyss!


Miscellaneous Autumn

The flu has taken over. Today I've been under the blanket for about 7 hours just sleeping and staring at the roof. I'm inspired.


agápe éros philía storgē

As a small child your bad moments last for a few minutes. When you get a bit older they can last even for a day or two. Then maybe a month. Then longer periods. It's not just a bad thing. Every grey day teaches us to appreciate the good ones even more.


Childhood longing

When did life become so serious? I miss the childhood days when you did something stupid and got yelled at and that was it. I wish my parents would yell at me nowadays and that would be it. Today my judge is Me myself. I'm telling you, she punishes me a lot harder than my parents did!


the void

Im shivering.. When did the autumn come? It was so windy out there that I could almost hear the summer blow away and the winter approaching. Saying "winter" this time of the year is like saying "Voldemort". A big thank you to the inventors of the Finnish sauna. That's where I'm heading!


You are what you want to be

I have craved for free-time and chilling out with my friends and Tomson. This weekend gave me the opportunity to do it all. I sewed a shirt to myself yesterday. Today I went out with Sonja and we climbed on old trains and ran on the railways. Releasing the stress feels good!


I have an excuse

CLICK THE PICTURE to see the gif.
If I'd update every day, my blog would become filled with pics like this. My daily activities are pretty much just studying&working right now. No worries, weekends are my time to shine! Now back to the sofa.


Ask yourself.

You ask a question. Do you expect that the answer is gonna be the same forever? You shouldn't. Opinions live in the moment, you should too.


Legally drunk

I turned eighteen last saturday. This might not be the most artistic post of all times, but it sure describes my night pretty well. (except the part where I lost my id and didn't get into the bar) Nemas problemas. I HAD A LOT OF FUN!


congratulations Sonja mon cherie!

Today has been marvellous! Tomson woke me up and brought me a mysterious box. I opened it and found my new Cheap Monday sunglasses on the bottom!! My friend accidently broke my old ones from Berlin a while ago.. I never thought I would get the same pair again!


Pineapple you!

pineapple instead of the middle finger?
It has been difficult to be optimistic today and Lord knows I've tried. Everything that could go wrong did. In hope for a better tomorrow.


Rainy day, ugly face

Pics from London last year
Today was my first day at school. It was okay as I expected and since I'm a tutor, I just hung out with the first graders. I fixed the comment settings, so it is easier for you to comment. Hopefully I'll hear from you!


Satisfying pain

My body is feeling like shit. My stomach is ill and my feet are tired. Last but not least, my face hurts, I think I've been laughing and smiling too much. I haveto repeat myself, I'm glad to get back to school! This partying every day has to end at some point.


reality calling..

 I borrowed photo nr.2 from sonja. thank you!
Today I realised that going back to school isn't that bad at all. My vacation has been amazing and I'm totally charged to start my real life again. Now off to work!


minus plus minus equals plus

 This weekend has clearly been the best of my summer! We've been drinking, partying, dancing in bars, swimming at night (in the sea and in the pool) and hanging out on our summerplace. A weekend full of love and laughter, as corny as it may sound.