Legally drunk

I turned eighteen last saturday. This might not be the most artistic post of all times, but it sure describes my night pretty well. (except the part where I lost my id and didn't get into the bar) Nemas problemas. I HAD A LOT OF FUN!


congratulations Sonja mon cherie!

Today has been marvellous! Tomson woke me up and brought me a mysterious box. I opened it and found my new Cheap Monday sunglasses on the bottom!! My friend accidently broke my old ones from Berlin a while ago.. I never thought I would get the same pair again!


Pineapple you!

pineapple instead of the middle finger?
It has been difficult to be optimistic today and Lord knows I've tried. Everything that could go wrong did. In hope for a better tomorrow.


Rainy day, ugly face

Pics from London last year
Today was my first day at school. It was okay as I expected and since I'm a tutor, I just hung out with the first graders. I fixed the comment settings, so it is easier for you to comment. Hopefully I'll hear from you!


Satisfying pain

My body is feeling like shit. My stomach is ill and my feet are tired. Last but not least, my face hurts, I think I've been laughing and smiling too much. I haveto repeat myself, I'm glad to get back to school! This partying every day has to end at some point.


reality calling..

 I borrowed photo nr.2 from sonja. thank you!
Today I realised that going back to school isn't that bad at all. My vacation has been amazing and I'm totally charged to start my real life again. Now off to work!


minus plus minus equals plus

 This weekend has clearly been the best of my summer! We've been drinking, partying, dancing in bars, swimming at night (in the sea and in the pool) and hanging out on our summerplace. A weekend full of love and laughter, as corny as it may sound.